Use a metronome to play in time

Music is precise when it comes to time. I’ve had the wonderful experience of recording in studios before. One of the very first things to do before recording is to use what is called a “Click Track”. This is a recurring beat that keeps everything in perfect timing. So when the musicians record the different instruments they all play according to the same time.
You might be wondering, “How can I play in time?” For this you need to use a metronome. It is an electronic tool that simply beeps in sequence. You can set the speeds it beeps in. So just to give you an example, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is a song that plays at just about 85 Beats Per Minute (BPM). So you would set the metronome to 85 BPM and play according to the beats.
Here is the ukulele trick that will get you learning faster… Are you ready?
The trick is to play slower. That’s correct, playing slower is the trick to learning faster.
The way you would go about this is to first set a goal. Let’s say the goal is to achieve playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” comfortably. This then means that your goal is 85BPM. Let’s now break this down to mini goals and you are on your way to playing the song like never before.
Your first mini goal is to play this song at the rate of 65BPM. This speed is significantly slower than the original pace of the song. This is intentional and is the first goal to achieve before moving forward. Once you play the song chords at 65BPM, for your next goal, increase the speed to 70BPM. Continue to add 5BPM increments until you are playing the song at 85BPM.
As I often like to say, practice makes progress. For best results, do not rush through your first goal.
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