Ukulele Sizes – Soprano, Concert & Tenor

Soprano Ukulele:
  • Scale length: 13-14 in./Total length: 21 in.
The smallest of the “normal” ‘ukulele sizes, the soprano ‘ukulele has the recognizable plinky sound that everyone associates with the instrument. If you tell someone that you play the ‘ukulele, odds are that they’ll picture you holding this size (after all, it’s the size Tiny Tim – and many other pop culture uke icons – used).
Concert ‘Ukulele:
  • Scale length: 15-16 in./Total length: 23 in.
It spans the middle ground between the soprano and tenor sizes and is loved as a compromise for those looking for something in between.
Tenor ‘Ukulele:
  • Scale length: 17-18 in./Total length: 26 in.
Tenor ‘ukuleles are becoming more and more popular as people get used to the less-traditional sound. It offers the longest common scale for GCEA tuning which makes for tight strings ideal for finger picking and any application that needs a stiff response.
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