Tips For You To Become A Better Ukulele Player (Part III)

  1. Don’t look down. Try not to look at your uke as you play, feel your way around your ukulele.
  2. Relax. Tension gets in the way of fluid playing and leads to mistakes, learn to relax your hands and arms.
  3. Tap tap tap. Improve your timing by taping your foot on each beat (this made a huge difference to my playing)
  4. Work on your musical theory. I played for years without any real knowledge of music theory but it definitely helped me to get to grips with even some basic theory.
  5. Routine. Set specific time aside to practice and stick to that time like glue – try and get yourself a practice routine to maximise your time.
  6. Dynamics. Play with the dynamics when you’re playing and your performances will sound so much more professional.
  7. Make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, fear is a big block to progress so just go for it.
  8. Listen. Yeah it sounds really obvious but too many people play without really listening.
  9. Cut the distractions. When its time to practice, it’s time to practice. No TV, no laptop, no distractions. Just you and your uke.
  10. Take some lessons. The right teacher can bring your playing on leaps and bounds. If you’re completely stuck in a rut, find yourself a great ukulele teacher.
  11. Try some books. Youtube is great but it’s very disjointed and the lessons are mainly just one-offs. Books have a natural progression to work to.
  12. Visit a ukulele festival. You’ll get chance to meet other players and artists that will inspire you

(Resources from the web)