Tips For You To Become A Better Ukulele Player (Part II)

  1. Teach. There’s nothing to consolidate your knowledge quite like teaching.
  2. Get On Stage. The thing with getting on stage is that it forces you to learn, it’s like having a deadline to work to.
  3. Practice fingerpicking without your uke. You can develop your finger independence by simply tapping out patterns onto your thumb.
  4. Train your ears. Grab yourself an ear training app and develop your note recognition.
  5. Scales. Learn to play and recognise scales.
  6. Don’t use your index finger. By fretting open chords without using your index finger you’re making the transition to barre chords much simpler.
  7. Mimic melodies. Heard an annoying advert jingle? Try and copy it.
  8. Stand up. If you tend to play sitting down, try standing up. It will change the way you hold the uke.
  9. Single chord. Pick a single chord song and try and play it keeping it interesting throughout.
  10. Capo up. Ever played with a Capo? It can really mix your playing up when you start to experiment with a Capo.
  11. Memories the fretboard. Learn every note up to the 12th fret.
  12. Don’t look down. Try not to look at your uke as you play, feel your way around your ukulele.
(Resources from the web)