Tips For You To Become A Better Ukulele Player (Part I)

  1. Stop playing things you already know. Focus on what you don’t know and can’t do in your practice sessions and you’ll develop faster.
  2. Switch from high G to low G or vice versa. The change will force you to learn a new way to play.
  3. Learn a new technique. Never tried claw-hammer before? Now’s the time.
  4. Turn the metronome on. Try practicing with a metronome for a while, you should see your timing improve hugely.
  5. Try a new musical genre. Pick a genre that you’re not familiar with, there are lots of different techniques used in different genres.
  6. Put some percussion into your playing. Give your uke a few slaps and see if you can emulate a drumbeat.
  7. Move up the neck. Get away from the first 3 positions and start playing further up the neck.
  8. Learn the chords in different positions. Chord inversions will make you a more versatile player.
  9. Improvise. Grab yourself a backing track (Youtube has plenty) and improvise over the top of it.
  10. Stop looking at tab. Use your ears to learn songs rather than your eyes.
  11. Play with less strings. Playing with fewer strings forces you to be a little bit more creative.
  12. Switch it up. Switch songs from strumming to fingerpicking and vice versa.
  13. Play with someone else. Not only will you pickup some new tricks but you’ll start to create better arrangements. try using my clubs map to find a local ukulele club near you.

(Resources from the web)